new patients

Want to be a New Patient?

Sounds great to us! We would love to be your pediatric health care providers!

Here's what you need to do now:


Now some bad news. Approximately 2 years after we opened, we started restricting the number of new families we accepted into our practice. We wanted to have enough time to provide great service to our current families. Your chance of being accepted as a new family depends on many factors including the age of your child and how busy we are at the office. For example, your chance of being accepted as a new family is better if you have a newborn baby versus having an 18 year old. As another example, your chance is better if you call us in May or September (slow months) versus calling us in July or December (busy months).

If you would like to try to be a new family of Oshiro Pediatrics, we need the following information. You can then cut and paste into your e-mail.

I Want To Be A New Patient Information

Patient's name


Patient's date of birth

Parent's name

Parent's date of birth

Phone number

Your address

Name of your insurance (including secondary insurance if you have one)

Insurance member ID number

Do you have any family members who are past or current patients of Oshiro Pediatrics? What is their name and how they are related to you?

How old are the new patient's siblings?

We strongly believe in getting all the recommended shots. What are your feelings on vaccinations or shots?

Who referred you to us?

Why you are looking for a new doctor?

What day of week/time of day do you prefer your appointments to be in general (not now)?

Please e-mail the above information to We check this e-mail twice a day and will respond within 24 hours during normal business hours.

If you prefer, call 702-733-6033 and press option 6. You can do this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Leave the above information on the answering machine. We will call you back during normal business hours, usually within four hours..

If you are trying to be seen the same day, call us at 702-733-6033 and press option 1 during normal business hours. We will try to see you the same day if that is your wish, but cannot guarantee that we can make that happen. Please have your insurance card in front of you when you call us. We need your member number and the telephone number of your insurance company. There are over 20 different Aetna plans with 20 different phone numbers. We can't call every single one! If you have a SECONDARY insurance, we need that information BEFORE your appointment. If you tell us about your secondary insurance when you arrive for your appointment, you may lose your appointment time and will have to wait longer than usual.


What to do for your first appointment:

Bring your ID (driver's license, passport, Nevada state ID, or military ID), insurance card, and patient's shot record. If you have any old medical records, bring them with you. Bring a written list of questions for the doctor (it's easier for you and us).

Bring any medicines your child is taking. If you try to write it down, you may not get the dose or strength correct, so just bring the actual medicine. It makes it a lot easier for us.

*************************************OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED SECTION**************************************

Download the new patient paperwork below. Fill out the new patient paperwork before you arrive at our office and bring it with you to your first appointment. Some parents find this much easier to do. We have had some patients take 30 minutes filling out the paperwork at our office because they are busy feeding their newborn baby or trying to keep their two year old under control. You can fax it to us at 733-7292 or e-mail it to us at, but I would also STRONGLY recommend that you bring a copy to your first appointment just in case the paperwork gets misplaced by us.