traveling to foreign countries

If you are traveling to a foreign country and want to see if you need special shots or special medicines, check out the CDC website. It is a little difficult to figure out, so you may want to schedule an appointment or leave a message for one of the providers.

If you know that you need a special shot or medicines for traveling, you should call Passport Health Las Vegas Travel Vaccine Clinic (702-747-3674) or The Vaccine Center and Travel Medicine Clinic (702-870-1911). They are full service travel medicine clinics. They will tell you exactly what shots and medicines that you will need for traveling. They charge about $60 for the consultation and $120 for the typhoid vaccine. They will prescribe anti-malaria medicines if it is indicated.

If you know that you only need the typhoid and/or yellow fever vaccine, another option is the Southern Nevada Health District (702-759-0849). They give those vaccines, but do not give the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine or malaria medicines. As of 10/3/2018, there is a shortage of yellow fever vaccine.