Posted 9/15/2018. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently published new recommendations for car safety seats. It is now recommended that children should be rear facing "until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by the car seat's manufacturer." For complete information on car seats, convertible seats, and booster seats, please click here to link to

Posted 9/15/2018. BABY ORAJEL. The FDA recently updated its warning about the dangers of benzocaine which is the active ingredient in some Baby Orajel products. We agree with the FDA and are not recommending products which contain benzocaine. We recommend teething rings as the initial treatment for teething. You might need to try a few different teething rings to find one which works for your baby. Baby orajel has a product call Baby Orajel Naturals which does not contain benzocaine. Feel free to give it a try as long as it does not contain benzocaine. Your baby's crankiness may be due to a virus infection (cold). Colds often cause crankiness and runny nose. Tylenol or acetaminophen (fever/pain not cough/cold) is very effective for crankiness due to colds. Often babies are cranky because they have headaches or muscle aches when they are sick. Just like Dr. Oshiro feels if he gets sick! If your child is not smiling within four hours after giving them acetaminophen, they should probably be evaluated by a healthcare professional. If you have questions, ask us! Click here for the link about benzocaine.