Click the title to purchase this humidifier! This is the humidifier which Dr. Oshiro and Dr. Hom often use at their house. Las Vegas is a desert. It is very dry. Some people feel better with humidified air. Humidified air can help with nosebleeds (not everyone). It can help with runny, stuffy noses (not everyone). It can help with dry skin, excema, and atopic dermatitis (not everyone). It can help with dry eyes (not everyone).

Because Las Vegas is so dry, you may need a powerful (and expensive) humidifier like this one. We recommend cool mist humidifiers like this one because there is no risk in a child getting burned. The fan in this humidifier is strong and will push the water vapor high into the air so you will not get a wet spot right next to the humidifier as happens with weaker (and cheaper) humidifiers.

In Dr. Oshiro's opinion, this humidifier is too strong if you are using it in a standard bedroom with the door closed. It actually will over-humidify the room. It is perfect for a standard bedroom with the door open or a large area like a master bedroom with attached master bathroom.

Remember, humidifiers do NOT work for everyone, so buy at your own risk.