At Oshiro Pediatrics, we recommend vitamins for almost ALL of our patients-infants, children, and adolescents. Of course, exceptions may apply to your child. Any vitamin is fine as long as it has at least Vitamin D 600 IU. If your child does not eat much meat, you should give a vitamin with IRON. If your child does not drink much milk, you should take a vitamin with CALCIUM. You can find vitamins at any supermarket or pharmacy.

If you are having trouble finding vitamins at your supermarket or pharmacy, you can order vitamins through by clicking on the links below:

A liquid vitamin (if your child can not chew pills) containing only Vitamin D:CLICK HERE.

A liquid vitamin (if your child can not chew pills and does not eat much meat):CLICK HERE.

A chewable (gummy bear type) vitamin:CLICK HERE.

A chewable (not gummy bear type) vitamin:CLICK HERE.